Zoophile Love: A Bold Exploration in Art

Title: Zoophile Love

Dimensions and Medium: 40 cm x 40 cm, oil on canvas with mixed media

Zoophile Love

"Zoophile Love" is an audacious exploration of affection and societal indifference, where I push my artistic boundaries by embracing a bold execution with a primary color palette. Departing from Hypermodern Realism, this piece is designed to provoke thought and evoke profound emotional responses.

At its core, the painting depicts an intense, incendiary kiss between a man and a dog, symbolizing a moment of extreme passion. This controversial choice was inspired by an article titled "Animal Instincts" by Thomas Francis, published in the Miami New Times on August 18, 2009. The image struck me deeply when I saw it in Miami Beach's newsboxes, igniting reflections on cultural norms. Such a portrayal would likely elicit shock or disdain in Italy, where church and politics heavily influence public sentiment.

The artwork delves into the intricate web of human emotions and societal taboos, presenting a complex picture of love that challenges conventional norms. Set against the vibrant yet obscuring backdrop of Miami's South Beach Ocean Drive, the painting invites viewers to look beyond initial impressions. It aims to reveal the profound isolation and emotional depth experienced by the subjects and mirrored in the article that inspired it.

By declaring "love is love," my work advocates for an expanded view of affection and connection. Integrating zoophilic elements into the human sexual spectrum, I urge for broader acceptance of diverse forms of love, challenging viewers to confront their biases and the often-repressed instincts of human nature. "Zoophile Love" is not just a significant milestone in my artistic journey but also a heartfelt plea for empathy and open-mindedness towards unconventional expressions of love.


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