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Christina Quarles: A Journey through Fluid Identity in Contemporary Art

Christina Quarles, born in 1985 in Chicago, Illinois, is a leading figure in contemporary art known for her powerful exploration of identity, gender, and queerness through her gestural, abstract paintings. Her work delves deeply into the complexities of personal and societal perceptions, making her one of the most influential artists of her generation. Early Life and Influences Quarles moved to Los Angeles with her mother after her parents' divorce in 1991. Growing up as an only child, she began drawing at a young age and took her first life drawing class at 12. Her high school teacher, Joseph Gatto, significantly influenced her technique, teaching her the importance of muscle memory and the fluidity of the human form. These early experiences laid the groundwork for her distinctive style. Education and Early Career Quarles attended the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, where she met her future spouse, Alyssa Polk. She earned a BA in art and philosophy from Hampshire Coll