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Conceptual Art: Revolutionizing the Art World Since the 1960s

Conceptual art, a radical departure from traditional artistic practices, emerged in the 1960s, prioritizing ideas and concepts over aesthetic and material concerns. This movement significantly transformed the art world, challenging long-held perceptions of what art could be. Conceptual art is defined by any artistic expression where the conveyed concepts and ideas take precedence over the aesthetic and perceptual outcomes of the work itself. Definition and Origins The term "conceptual art" was consciously used by Joseph Kosuth in the mid-1960s to define an art form founded on thought rather than an increasingly misunderstood and ambiguous "aesthetic pleasure." Kosuth's seminal work, One and Three Chairs (1965), exemplifies this approach. The piece features a real chair, a photograph of the chair, and a dictionary definition of the word "chair," inviting viewers to contemplate the relationship between image and word in logical and semiotic terms. Even