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Madison Maxey: Innovator at the Intersection of Fashion and Technology

Madison Maxey is a pioneering force in the world of fashion and technology, known for her groundbreaking work in e-textiles and wearable technology. As the CEO and founder of Loomia, Maxey focuses on bringing flexible, robust circuitry to scale, seamlessly integrating technology into everyday fabrics. Her innovative approach blends creativity, technical prowess, and a forward-thinking vision that is reshaping the future of fashion. Early Life and Education Madison Maxey's journey into the world of fashion technology began at a young age. She exhibited an early interest in design and technology, which led her to explore the intersection of these fields. After high school, Maxey attended Parsons School of Design, where she honed her skills and deepened her understanding of fashion design. However, her curiosity and drive to innovate soon took her beyond traditional fashion education, leading her to delve into the realm of e-textiles. Founding Loomia In 2013, Maxey founded Loomia (for