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Nouveau Réalisme: The Revolutionary Movement that Redefined Art through Urban Materials

Nouveau Réalisme, or New Realism, emerged in the early 1960s as a radical art movement that sought to redefine the boundaries of art by incorporating everyday urban materials. This avant-garde movement, primarily composed of French artists, emphasized the use of mundane and discarded objects to create striking visual statements. Its inception marked a departure from traditional art forms, bridging the gap between art and life, and leaving a lasting impact on the contemporary art scene. Origins and Foundational Ideas Nouveau Réalisme was officially founded in 1960, with its first exhibition held in Milan. The movement was spearheaded by art critic Pierre Restany, who coined the term "Nouveau Réalisme" and championed the collective. Restany's manifesto described the movement as a new approach to reality, focusing on "materials drawn from reality, even the most banal," including waste products and urban detritus. The aim was to elevate these materials to the realm