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The Forma 1 Group - How political conditions destroied the Italian Abstractism

Bridging Contemporary Sociopolitical Art and Conceptual Modern Paintings to Marxism in Post-War Italy The term Forma 1 comes from the title of a magazine "Forma," which had only one issue in March 1947, published in Rome by the initiative of an Italian artists' group. This group shared similarities of purpose and worked out the "formalist manifesto." Forma 1 Group The group, including Carla Accardi , Ugo Attardi , Pietro Consagra , Piero Dorazio , Mino Guerrini , Achille Perilli , Antonio Sanfilippo, and Giulio Turcato , was called "Gruppo Forma 1" and proclaimed themselves "formalists and Marxists," believing that the terms Marxism and formalism were not irreconcilable. They supported an art structured but not realistic, giving importance to form and sign in their basic essential meaning, stating, for example, "we are interested in the form of lemon, not in the lemon&

Piero Dorazio and Kasimiro Medio

Masters of Color and Form In the realm of abstract art, the contributions of Piero Dorazio and Kasimiro Medio are profound, each artist bringing a unique perspective to the exploration of color, form, and the essence of abstraction. In this blog post, we explore their artistic journeys and the impact of their works on the evolution of abstract art. Weaving Color and Light: Piero Dorazio Piero Dorazio, an Italian painter born in 1927, was a pivotal figure in the development of abstract art in Italy. Known for his vibrant use of color and structured compositions, Dorazio's paintings are a testament to his background in architecture and his interest in Futurism, Constructivism, and concrete art. Artistic Philosophy and Style Dorazio's approach to painting is marked by a fascination with the optical effects of color interplay. His works often feature a complex web of lines and color blocks that create a sense of movement and depth, challenging the viewer’s p