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Antipodean Art

Exploring the Vibrant World of Antipodean Art Antipodean art, emanating from the Southern Hemisphere locales of Australia and New Zealand, showcases a unique blend of indigenous traditions and contemporary expressions. This art form spans across various mediums, including Aboriginal dot paintings, Maori carvings, and modern installations, reflecting the diverse cultural narratives of these regions. Historical Roots The roots of Antipodean art are deeply embedded in the rich histories of the indigenous peoples. Australian Aboriginal art, one of the world's oldest continuous artistic traditions, is famous for its intricate dot paintings which convey stories and lore of the Dreamtime. In New Zealand, Maori art features powerful symbols like the Koru, representing new life and growth, intricately carved into wood, bone, and jade. Contemporary Movements Self-Portrait - Brett Whiteley In contemporary times, Antipodean artists like Sidney Nolan, Brett Whit