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Plop Art: The Controversial World of Public Sculpture

Plop art, also known as plonk art, is a term used to describe certain types of public art, often large, abstract, modernist, or contemporary sculptures placed in public spaces such as government plazas, corporate courtyards, parks, and skyscraper atriums. The term is pejorative and suggests that these works are unattractive or inappropriate for their surroundings, as if they were thoughtlessly "plopped" into place. The term "plop" evokes the sound of something falling heavily and suddenly, and it carries connotations of excrement, implying that the art in question is unsightly or unwelcome. The term "plop art" was coined by architect James Wines in his 1970 essay "Public Art–Private Art," published in *Art in America*. Wines criticized the proliferation of public sculptures that he felt lacked thoughtful integration with their environments. The term has since been adopted by other critics and artists, including British sculptor Rachel Whiteread a